Finding the right touring caravan insurance

Insurance description

Insuring your touring caravan at an affordable price is one way to have peace of mind when on the road. You can enjoy your time spent in and away from your caravan knowing that you’ve got insurance cover if anything happens. You’ll be able to fully enjoy your holiday in your home away from home.

At The Insurers, we’re extremely proud to offer our customers a wide range of low-cost touring caravan insurance quotes from some of the biggest insurance brokers on the market today.

Touring Caravan vs Static Caravan

Where static caravans can be used as homes that are kept on a specific site, they can also be hooked up to electricity and plumbing and many aren’t moved for a number of years. However, touring caravans are usually towed regularly for holiday weekends or even longer trips. It’s also important not to confuse the two with motorhomes, which need specialist cover due to their size and specifications.

Is caravan insurance required by law?

Although it’s not required by law, touring caravan insurance is important as you’re at risk of losing thousands of pounds if something unexpected happens to it.

You’ll also be responsible for the cost of any damage that your caravan does to third parties, so if you don’t have insurance in place, you could end up with a hefty bill to pay. No one likes spending money on something that isn’t necessary, so finding a good deal on your insurance is vital for most of us.

When you compare quotes with The Insurers, you’re not only protecting your investment, you’re also saving yourself time, stress, and money.

Insurance description

Choosing the right cover

To get the most for your money, you should purchase the right touring caravan insurance cover for your needs. There are two main types of cover to choose from when comparing:

New for Old

If your caravan is written off and you have New for Old cover, in the event of a pay out from your insurer you’ll receive a brand new caravan that is the same model as yours (or an equivalent if this model is no longer available on the market).

Market Value

If you have Market Value cover, you’ll receive the caravan’s current market value at the time of the incident. There are several ways in which this would be calculated by your insurance broker, but they’ll inform you of the market value when applicable.

There are also lots of additional ways that you can tailor your policy to suit your needs, including adding contents insurance and cover for your caravan equipment (e.g. wheel clamps, motor movers). Many brokers also offer cover for camping gear. If you’re an avid camping enthusiast and have the tools to match, they can add up to a hefty sum, so it’s best to see if your provider offers this add-on.

What does my policy cover?

This can depend on the type of cover you have chosen and the specific broker you purchase from. As a general rule, touring caravan insurance quotes will cover you for events such as fire, theft, weather damage and accidental damage. With many brokers, you can also opt for add-ons such as camping equipment cover and more, but make sure your policy provider offers this before deciding to choose them. Below is a list of things usually covered by touring caravan insurance policies:

Theft: this includes theft when the caravan is detached from your vehicle, parked outside your residence or parked on a caravan site.

Damage: both internal and external damages are usually covered by insurance policies. This includes weather damage such as leaks.

Third-party: if a member of the public or their property is damaged by your vehicle, your insurance will cover you against their claims.

Some insurers will cover the contents of your caravan under your touring caravan insurance policy, but be sure to check the policy wording before purchase.

Touring Caravan Insurance FAQs

Can I add extras to my insurance?

When choosing the policy that best suits you, you’ll be able to add on optional extras such as:

  • European cover: this will cover you and your caravan when it’s being towed in Europe.
  • Breakdown cover: this will cover everything related to an accident, including recovery services.
  • Friends & Family cover: for when they’re using your caravan.
  • Legal assistance: this will cover any legal fees you incur should an incident occur.
Do I need to buy cover for my touring caravan?

As a caravan represents a significant investment for most owners, it helps to be on the safe side rather than risk going uninsured, whether you’re using the caravan or keeping it in an appropriate location.

How can I reduce my insurance costs?

When comparing touring caravan insurance quotes, keep in mind that installing security devices such as a wheel clamp may reduce the premium cost for some policies. Storing your caravan in a secure CaSSOA location when it is not in use could also lower your costs. If you have passed an approved towing course, you may also be offered reduced premiums.

Am I covered to tow my caravan abroad?

This varies greatly depending on the insurance provider and the policy you have selected. Be sure to check the results page to see if “European Cover” is provided, and check for any country exclusions before you complete your purchase with the broker.

What is the caravan serial number and why should I give this for my insurance quote?

The serial number is also known as the CRiS number and it can be found on the windows of the caravan, on the frame by the door or inside the gas locker. Providing this number might reduce the cost of your premium from some of the insurers on our panel.

What isn’t included in touring caravan insurance?

Not everything you wish to cover may be included in your chosen insurance policy, so ensure you read your terms and conditions closely in order to make an informed decision when comparing quotes. Things that may not be included in your policy include:

  • Damage due to no security (i.e., wheel clamps)
  • Everyday wear and tear damage
  • Pest infestation
  • Mildew or mould due to wear and tear
  • Damage due to your caravan being stored in a dangerous location
Can I take my caravan abroad?

Again, this will depend on your policy. If you opt for European cover, then your caravan will be covered for a number of days if you choose to take it abroad. If you wish to take your caravan further, then you will need to check with your policy provider before assuming that you’re covered.