Insure different types of caravan

You can compare touring and static caravan insurance with The Caravan Insurer (previously The Insurers). You can quote online or get a quote over the phone if you prefer, which can sometimes be easier if you have modifications, specific equipment or high-value items that you want to ensure are fully covered.

Call 0330 022 9784 for a quote over the phone.

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How comparison works?

How Comparison works - Step 1

You tell us details about yourself and what you’re looking to insure

How Comparison works - Step 2

We provide instant quotes from a panel of top UK insurers

How Comparison works - Step 3

You choose the policy you want, buy it, and job done!

Why compare quotes with us?

It’s tempting to stick with the same insurer every year, but without having a look around the market you have no way of knowing whether your renewal price is competitive or not. That means you could be paying more than you need to for your insurance.

No one wants to spend hours phoning different companies, going through the same information again and again, only to find out that the first insurer you phoned had the cheapest price – which is where we come in. When you compare quotes with The Insurers you only have to provide your details once and we do the rest of the hard work for you.

You can compare policies for touring or static caravan insurance. Just fill out the form, and we will compare different insurers then list the prices and features, so you can choose which policy you would like to buy

Looking for your insurance with The Caravan Insurer can save you time and money.

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