Going away on holiday in the caravan is a great way to gain extra freedom with your home on wheels giving you somewhere to sleep and bathe whilst out and about, giving you the chance to go wherever you fancy.

As a holidaymaker gains more and more experience on the road there may be some places that take their fancy and they enjoy visiting, there may even be a caravan site nearby to this area meaning the holidaymaker may opt to park their caravan here every time they go on holiday and use the facilities time and time again.

This is where the genius of seasonal caravan pitches comes in, they allow a holidaymaker to continue to enjoy their own caravan whilst simultaneously reducing how much towing needs to be done thanks to the ability to reserve a spot at a caravan park, parking the caravan there and then leaving it there after the holiday.

Leaving the caravan on the holiday park allows the holidaymaker to drive home and return when they feel like it without needing to tow their caravan back and forth from the site each time, some sites even offer permanent spots on their parks allowing users to leave their caravans on-site for as long as they’d like to.

Seasonal caravan pitches are a great way to reduce stress on holidays and save time and effort in planning what you can and cannot take with you, leaving spare clothes onboard the caravan also means you can travel lighter for each holiday. There are a lot of advantages to seasonal caravan pitches as we will explain.

No more Friday night mania

Friday nights are bedlam for caravan sites and holidaymakers across the country with many hurtling down the M5 on Friday nights to enjoy their weekends away in sunny counties like Devon and Cornwall. Adding the towing of a caravan into the mix here and you have a recipe for stress.

Permanent holiday destination**

Want to go on holiday multiple times a year but can’t afford the extortionate prices? This is a much cheaper alternative to purchasing a static caravan on a site, instead you get to choose where you leave this caravan and can return to it whenever you’d like.

Reduced setting up and packing away times

Gone are the days of stressing about trying to set up the caravan or pack it up and away when leaving the campsite at the end of a holiday, instead you can leave everything as it is and return to the caravan when you feel like it later in the year.

This also means that you can leave your items and belongings on-site, things like canned food, clothes and toiletries will not need to be transported with you each time meaning you can pack light when leaving and returning to the caravan knowing that you have everything you need already there at your holiday destination waiting for your arrival.

This will especially help parents of children, children, as we know, aren’t the most attentive over what toiletries they need to pack, therefore having spares and everything that they may need already in the caravan is a huge bonus for families looking to go on holiday in their caravan.


There is no need to stress about last-minute holiday bookings or having to pay additional costs during the school holiday times, seasonal caravan pitches are incredibly flexible and mean that you can turn up whenever you’d like to and then leave again without any fuss or hassle.

Price saving

You will not be charged a different rate every single time you want to use your caravan, this means that you have the freedom to visit your caravan whenever you like as often as you like, you even have the option with some parks to save money the more you use your caravan. Some parks will also offer you the ability to store your goods whilst you are not there, and the park is closed.

No need to tow

Dislike towing your caravan? Well, here’s now you can reduce the amount of time you spend towing your caravan. By leaving your caravan at the site every time you visit you are able to reduce the amount of towing you will do each time you decide to go on holiday, thus saving you money on fuel each time.

There are many limits in place to stop people from staying on caravan sites permanently as their place of residence, most caravan sites restrict users to 21 consecutive days maximum on one site.
If you want to holiday with ease and efficiency and you own a caravan, a seasonal pitch may be exactly what you need to holiday in the UK!