9 Caravan Travel Tips to Make Caravanning All Fun, No Stress

Caravanning can either be one of the best or worst things you ever do, you imagine being out on the open road with not a care in the world, being able to park up at a campsite for a few days before moving on to the next without being tied down to the area.

It seems like a dream and there’s no wonder that millions of people in the UK depart to Devon and Cornwall every summer to enjoy the best that Britain has to offer, but if you haven’t prepared properly or have the incorrect items with you, it could be an absolute nightmare and even a regrettable experience.

We have compiled a list of travel tips for you to help you and your caravan holiday go as seamless as possible without any hitches.

  1. Make a checklist

Making a checklist is vital to ensure you have everything you want and could possibly need in every situation possible from a breakdown at the side of the road to an issue with the motorhome.

It’s always handy to ensure you have every boxed ticked and can be prepared for any situation possible, not only that but having a list of the items you’ve brought with you and may need replacing as the days go by such as soap and food items like pasta.

  1. Ensure that the caravan is safe and has been serviced

Arguably the most important point on this list that isn’t in any specific order, making sure your caravan is serviced and of a roadworthy condition is an absolute priority.

Servicing not only ensures that the caravan is fit to be used on the road from a condition standpoint, but it also ensures that it is safe to be used with servicing covering both gas and electricity meaning you won’t have any sneaky surprises awaiting you.

  1. Practice towing

If you’ve never towed a caravan before it may be worthwhile to sharpen up on your abilities before taking to the roads. Towing a caravan is much more difficult than it looks and throws up some strange dynamics from downhill driving to reversing at an angle.

It can be a pretty daunting and tricky experience therefore having as much skill and knowledge up your sleeves as possible before you embark on your journey ensures that you have the best chances of being a caravan pro.

  1. Bring the essentials

This goes without saying, make sure you have all the essentials packed with you, if you have your checklist as previously mentioned then make sure that these are listed on the list so you don’t forget them.

Things such as clothes and spare clothes, towels, food, cutlery, and cleaning products are vital to ensure you at least have the bare minimum to survive out and about on the roads.

  1. Teamwork makes the dream work

If you’re going on holiday in a caravan, the chances are that you are not alone and have people with you. It’s majorly important to work together to achieve the same goal of arriving to your destination with everything you want or need, therefore you need to communicate with one another as much as you can and assign one another tasks and things that must be done to enable you to be as efficient as possible.

  1. Bring accessories

The ability to be able to watch TV and use electronic devices is seen as a luxury whilst on the road, however it doesn’t have to be if you come prepared.

Packing things like TV aerials will allow you to be able to watch TV wherever you are provided that you have access to a TV signal meaning you won’t miss those important TV programmes.

Having battery packs with you is also majorly important for many reasons including the ability to keep devices such as mobile phones charged up so in case of emergencies you are able to contact the relevant people and get the correct aid.

Another accessory that may be worth bringing is a Wi-Fi booster or portable router that allows you o be able to connect to the internet whilst away, this is especially good for those rainy days when your plans have been put on hold and those late evenings when you want to binge-watch your favourite series.

  1. Cleaning accessories

Being clean is important, you don’t need me to tell you that. When you are on holiday in your caravan it can be a bit more difficult to manage the mess in such a small area, especially over longer periods of time.

It’s important to bring along cleaning items to maintain a level of hygiene and cleanliness within the caravan, we especially recommend bringing along toilet chemicals and cleaning utilities that neutralise the smell from the toilet and work to break down and destroy the horrors that have been flushed down there.

  1. Make sure to be secure

Caravan security is another priority here if you want to keep your beloved belongings, expensive accessories and of course, toilet cleaners that you brought with you after reading this article.

Having extra locks on your caravans doors and windows is never a bad idea and helps to maintain your security and peace of mind whilst out and about in your caravan karting around the country, the last thing you want or need is to lose your goods.

  1. Get a motor mover

A motor mover is a motorised device that connects to the chassis of the motorhome, connecting to rollers attached to the wheels.

This allows you to move the caravan in any direction you desire using a handset which is extremely helpful when you want to move the caravan without re-connecting the car and creating a lot of hassle and stress for a simple manoeuvre.