Toilets, we all need ‘em but whether we can maintain them properly is another thing altogether, just check out the bog in a dodgy service station to see what I mean.

When you’re on the road it’s important you are able to keep the toilet in your caravan/motorhome clean and hygienic for a number of reasons, one to promote cleanliness and hygiene within your home on two/four wheels and secondly to reduce/eliminate lingering smells which may start to make themselves known as the days wear on.

It’s incredibly important to invest in the right chemicals to keep these problems at bay and ensure your toilet is running at optimal efficiency at all times so that you’re not having to use a bucket when things get a bit tricky.

There are many products on the market for your toilet however deciding which ones are the best for you is where things get rather tricky, thankfully we are here to help.

A majorly important factor is toilet roll, you need to buy toilet roll that is specifically designed to prevent clogging of the toilet when you have an extra messy session, thankfully there are many great products about, Thetford’s very own Aqua Soft toilet roll has been designed to dissolve in the waste tank after use and formulated to flush easy to save on any awkward moments.

A quick reminder that if you are opting to use Moist Toilet Wipes alongside toilet roll, please do not flush these down your toilet, instead put them into a disposable bag and dispose of these in a bin.

In your quest for chemicals for use with your toilet you most likely will have come across an array of different coloured liquids advertised as caravan toilet chemicals; these chemicals are colour coded as so:

  • Blue/green chemicals are used for breaking down waste matter in the bowl and keeping the waste tank clean.
  • Pink chemicals are designed to work with flushing water, the chemical has numerous functions including the cleaning of deposits and keeping the toilet clean and fresh.

To help you find the best product to keep the throne in your caravan/motorhome as clean and hygienic as possible we’ve included some of the more popular cleaners available below.

Blue Diamond Pink Toilet Bowl Cleaner Fluid

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This pink fluid is one of the best on the market, with top reviews you will be able to trust that this product will keep your toilet clean and fresh, just add some cleaner to the top tank and watch as it cleans and refreshes the toilet once flushed, not forgetting its deodorising properties also.

Thetford Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated

Thetford are one of the most well-known companies in this space and there’s a reason for that, their products aren’t just good, they are excellent.

This blue fluid a 2.5 x concentrated and is designed to go in the waste tank to break down the nasties you may find in there, the product “Does what it says on the bottle” according to one reviewer who left a 5-star rating. If Thetford can put their name next to this product, then you can be sure to expect good things.

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Thetford Aqua Kem Green Toilet Fluid Concentrated

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Guess who’s back? That’s right it’s Thetford with another great product, this is the green variation of the Aqua Kem Blue. The product is 2 x concentrated and once again will break down the waste in the tank of your cassette and portable toilet.

The purpose of this product is to liquify the waste enabling the user to empty the tank much easier and quicker without the need for mess, not only that but it has strong odour control properties and is environmentally conscious.

Aqua Rinse Concentrated Pink

Good old trusty Thetford, to go with the blue and green toilet fluids previously mentioned, Thetford also have a pink 2 x concentrated fluid that goes into the flush-water tank of your toilet.

This product promises to improve the smoothness and effectiveness of your flush whilst also adding a lavender smell to the room to douse out the nuclear grade creation that has just been left behind. Not only that but it will help to keep the toilet bowl shinier and prevent the build-up of limescale.

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Blue Diamond Bloo Triple Pack

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Is efficiency something you look for in a product? If so then Blue Diamond have got you covered with their triple pack which includes a blue toilet fluid, pink toilet bowl cleaner and even a two pack of loo roll to ensure you get the job done in one.

Each fluid is one litre and is a value pack for those shorter weekends away when you want to be lightweight and carry as little luggage as you can with you.